Marine Construction

Total Marine Services has an extensive fleet of floating plant and machinery which enables them to complete the construction of any project in the marine environment. As a main contractor or sub-contractor Total Marine Services can assist with all your project needs. The diversity of the jobs completed to date highlight the versatility and abilities of our staff and resources we own.

Orams Marine Village slipway repair

Location : Orams Marine Village, Auckland | Date: September 2008 - September 2010

Total Marine Services were commissioned to undertake repairs on a 70m section of the 600 ton slipway at Orams Marine Village. The slipway was originally constructed in 1915 and during that time Orams have slipped a number of boats of various shapes and sizes.

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Half Moon Bay Wave Screen

Location : Auckland | Date: September 2008 - October 2008

Half Moon Bay Marina required the refurbishment of an existing pier (Pier A) and extension of the current wave screen. Total Marine Services and Total Floating Systems were awarded the contract to design and re-build the 8 berths associated with Pier A and extend the existing wave screen by 16.5m.

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