Project File:

Vivian Bay Walkway and Wharf

Client – Vivian Bay
Contact – Paul Schmidt

Vivian Bay, Kawau Island
36° 83' S 175° 70' E

Time Period
Sep 2008 - Nov 2009


Project Description

The project first started off as a small fixed wooden walkway structure to provide water access to pedestrians of the proposed development. As the discussions evolved the project soon grew to become a structure to allow vehicular and helicopter access and 154m long walkway over rocky outcrops and tidal flow areas.

Proactive Approach

As the initial design from the engineer had been superseded by the extended scope of works, it was apparent that TMS had to get more involved at the concept design stage of the project.

The options offered were deemed more practical and constructable without being detrimental to the marine environment. The client was extremely happy with the final result and the quality of the workmanship and finishing complimented the overall quality portrayed within the overall development.

Physical Works

  • Design overall wharf structure and walkway layout
  • Drive new timber piles
  • Excavate unsuitable material and construct new timber structure and walkway